Timed – Time tracking for iPhone

can you buy Lyrica over the counter It does one thing and it does it well: time tracking.

Timed is free, supported by ads and an optional subscription to remove them.

Who is timed for?

Timed is perfect for contractors, freelancers, consultants or any other professionals who need to provide time reporting or bill their clients based on time.

Feature summary

One-tap time recording

Tap the record button to record time. Tap the pause button to pause recording. It’s that easy!

Location awareness

Timed can automatically clock in to and clock out from jobs as you enter and leave monitored locations you define.

Automatic summaries

Daily, weekly, monthly and all time running totals, by job and overall, ready for you on the app’s main screen at all times!

Notification centre widget

One-tap time recording and daily progress on the notification centre widget!

Multiple jobs

Track time for multiple jobs on a single screen. Timed also supports simultaneous time recording for multiple jobs.

Daily targets

Optionally set your daily targets for work hours and breaks. Let Timed help you achieve those targets with reminders and progress information.

Powerful reporting

Powerful reporting capabilities with filters, grouping, different rounding settings and sharing functionality.

Recorded Sessions

Details of all recorded sessions can be viewed at any time. Sessions can also be created manually.

Jobs screen: Timed’s powerhouse

Timed’s main functions are conveniently located on a single screen making time tracking more productive than ever.

Track time for multiple jobs on a single screen. Timed smartly keeps the most frequently used jobs at the top of the list. Simultaneous time recording of multiple jobs is also supported.

One-tap time recording

Quick adjustment

Automatic summaries


Your recorded sessions

The Sessions screen presents all recorded sessions in a day-by-day view.

Automatic session recording

Adjustment mode

Manual session creation

Extract useful information with Reports

Create different types of reports and save them for later reuse. Run them at any time with the latest session data.





Location awareness

Never forget to track your time against that very important project again!

Automatic time recording



Timed widget

Timed comes with an awesome widget!

One-tap time recording

Timed brings one-tap time recording to your lock screen! The widget conveniently shows the most recently used jobs.

Daily work progress

The progress ring shows your progress towards your daily work target.

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Timed is free, supported by ads and an optional subscription to remove them.