Timed 2.5.1

10 November, 2017

Added App Store screenshots for the iPhone X.

Timed 2.5.0

7 November, 2017

order dapoxetine online india – iOS 11 compatibility changes.
– Apple Watch app has been removed. A new version is under development.
– Fixed bug that could cause a crash at app launch.

Timed 2.4.1

29 August, 2017

http://mrbsicecream.co.uk/product-category/cornish/?paged=1 Bug fixes:
– Fixed layout issue on the Job screen.
– Fixed bug that could cause a crash when using location aware time tracking under certain circumstances.

Timed 2.4.0

24 August, 2017

– Better subscription experience.
– Job and report forms are now easier to use: advanced settings have been moved into a separate screen.
– “More” menu UI improvements.
– “About” screen UI improvements.

Timed 2.3.0

3 August, 2017

New features:
– Duplicate and delete functions with multiple selection for reports.

Timed 2.2.2

21 July, 2017

– Added “Terms of Use” to the About screen.
– Added info button to the Timed Premium screen for access to more details, terms of use and privacy policy.

Bug fixes:
– Fixed issues with the Timed Premium upgrade.

Timed 2.2.1

28 February, 2017

New features:
– Added privacy policy to the About screen.

Bug fixes:
– Fixed bug that could cause a crash at app launch.
– Fixed bug that could cause the Sessions screen to lose content under some circumstances.
– Removed status bar from launch screen.
– Fixed bug in the Apple Watch app that caused an incorrect live duration when showing a job in the recording state.

Timed 2.2.0

24 February, 2017

Timed is now free to download and use. In-app purchase is available to remove ads and support future development of Timed.

Timed 2.1.0

14 December, 2016

New features:

  • New iOS 10 widget.

Bug fixes:

  • iOS 10: when navigating back to a list, the list would become empty in some situations.

Timed 2.0.3

19 August, 2016

Issues fixed:

  • Job timer operations on the Apple Watch app could fail under some circumstances.
  • Today widget could crash in some situations.
  • Sessions screen would not show current date automatically in some situations.

Timed 2.0.2

20 October, 2015

Bugs fixed in this version:

  • Fixed “Handoff Failed” message when handing off location aware actions from Apple Watch app in iOS 9.
  • Fixed bug that caused the first session’s colour indicator to go blank after a session deletion in Sessions.
  • Fixed bug that caused touches to be ignored after transition animations in some circumstances (e.g. report results screen).
  • Fixed bug that caused data shown by app badges, Today widget and Apple Watch app to go stale under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Sessions screen from showing current day’s sessions by default.

Timed 2.0.1

13 September, 2015

  • Fixed Sessions screen layout issues on the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when running a report with no matching sessions in some circumstances.

Timed 2.0

4 September, 2015

  • New name: Timed.
  • Brand new visual design.
  • Improved user experience throughout the app.
  • More powerful “jobs” concept replaces timers.
  • Improved location awareness: automatic clock in’s and clock out’s.
  • New Apple Watch App, Glance and Notifications.
  • New notification centre widget.
  • Automatic summaries: daily, weekly, monthly and all time running totals, by job and overall, ready for you on the app’s main screen at all times!
  • Tons of bug fixes! 🙂